• Max Flow

    : 60 lpm

  • Max Pressure

    : 350 bar

  • Cavity

    : SAE10-2

  • Leakage

    : Not Applicable

The CFD range of flow divider/combiner valves divides flow equally parts and combines flow in the reverse direction. Pressure compensation ensures equal flow is maintained over a wide range of pressure variation. A typical use of these valves is to divide a pump flow to operate two actuators (which may be under different load conditions and at different pressures) and to re-combine the return flows to synchronise actuator movement. Flow variation is within +/-10% with maximum variation of pressure and under normal conditions will be significantly less.

Inlet flow passes through the two matched orifices in the spools, through the spools and out of the radial holes in the sleeve. The matched orifices and the compensating springs ensure that the flow is divided equally; excess flow in either direction causes the spool to move and close the radial holes in the sleeve until equilibrium is restored. In the reverse direction the spools close together and regulate the flow in through the radial ports.

One valve synchronises in both directions. Matched spools give high accuracy under load and pressure imbalance conditions. Cartridge construction gives versatility of application. A valve may be fitted into a line body, a custom designed Hydraulic Integrated Circuit or other hydraulic equipment.