Building on the principles of fluid behavior as laid down by Archimedes, Bernoiulli, Pascal and Bramah, hydraulics today has changed the way we work. We had a goal to take Indian hydraulics into the 21st century by introducing the cartridge valve and as one of the very few wholly Indian cartridge valve manufacturers, our range is extensive; our experience, enviable; and our Quality, sacrosanct.


The Tucson Design Team has over 40 years of experience in hydraulics with 35 years dedicated to cartridge valves. All our components are manufactured in house to ensure the highest quality. Products equivalent to most of the world’s leading cartridge manufacturers in Form and Function are easily available.


Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) solutions are packages created specifically for a particular system where two or more valves are needed. Internal connections between the elements keep leakage points to a minimum while adhering to explicit installation requirements giving ease of installation and a lower system envelope.


Our expertise in valve manufacture is only but an extension of our knowledge of hydraulics. The Tucson Design Team, also undertake consultations on bespoke hydraulic circuits going into your mobile or industrial equipment for fool-proofing, optimization and reducing redundancies. Give us a call and we’re more than happy to help reduce your time and expense.

Cartridges for every system, systems for every application.

Product Range