The Company

Tucson Hydrocontrols was started in 1988 with a vision to take the Indian hydraulic industry forward to the 21st century by introducing a new type of cartridge valve that will be required by the earthmoving and construction industry. To secure a solid customer base, Tucson decided to start manufacturing products such as Non Return Valves, Throttle Check valves and Flow Control Valves. Very soon Tucson introduced, for the first time in the country, Overcentre Valves and cartridge type Relief and Pressure Reducing Valves. Tucson soon became the ultimate name in Overcentre Valves and Construction Equipment packages

A variety of load holding Valves such as Check, Pilot Check and Overcentre Valves, Relief, Sequence, Unloading and Pressure Reducing Valves, Throttle and Flow Control Valves in cartridge type, Shut Off Valves, Ball valves, Accumulator Safety blocks as well as Modular, stackable valves currently form the Tucson product line. Accessories such as Minimess Hoses and Couplings, Gear Couplings and Pressure Switches are also a part of the product range. Tucson also provides a one-to-one replacement option to its customers for valves manufactured by many of the world’s leading cartridge valve companies.

Tucson Hydrocontrols’ overseas portfolio includes export of cartridge valves and manifold blocks to the European Union, Switzerland, the Americas and the Middle East, providing complete hydraulic solutions for applications in everything from machine tools to off-shore refineries

Tucson is thoroughly involved in the customer’s design process and we design custom made valves, manifolds and even entire hydraulic systems to fit as per customer requirements which are all manufactured in-house. A strong foothold in the hydraulic fraternity as well as years of valuable experience in a design intensive field are some of the things that set Tucson apart over competitors. Till day, the company continues to expand and enrich the hydraulic fraternity in India with its products just as it was envisioned more than 30 years ago.