Hydraulics for Metal Mills
Tucson Hydrocontrols provides complete Hydraulic Systems as well as Accumulator Safety Blocks to SAIL, RINL, Bhushan Power, JSW and Balco plants amongst many others.
Forklift Systems
With specialist systems for attachments, Tucson helps reduce the piping, assembly, and maintenance time for your machine so you can concentrate on what's most important, your customer.
Manifolds and Integrated Systems
We always invest in the best design softwares and machining equipment. And while there's some value in telling customers we use only the latest, the real purpose of our commitment is much simpler: it allows us to build better manifolds in less time.
Valves for Construction Equipment
Tucson's cartridges are used in almost all Pick & Carry Cranes manufactured by the Top 5 crane manufacturers in India.
Mining HICs and Systems
Hydraulic Integrated Circuits for Underground Mining available with special seals, materials and operating specifications
ATEX Rated & Proportional Valves
We have partnered with Wandfluh AG of Switzerland to bring in Explosion Proof and Proportional Controlled Valves into our offer range.
Car Parking Systems
Space, power and time can all be saved using Tucson's specialized Hydraulic ICs for car parking systems and car lifts. With our innovations you always save more, for less.
Building on the principles of fluid behavior as laid down by Archimedes, Bernoiulli, Pascal and Bramah, hydraulics today has changed the way we work. We had a goal to take Indian hydraulics into the 21st century by introducing the cartridge valve and as one of the very few wholly Indian cartridge valve manufacturers, our range is extensive; our experience, enviable; and our Quality, sacrosanct.


The Tucson Design Team has over 40 years of experience in hydraulics with 35 years dedicated to cartridge valves. All our components are manufactured in house to ensure the highest quality. Products equivalent to most of the world’s leading cartridge manufacturers in Form and Function are easily available.


Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) solutions are packages created specifically for a particular system where two or more valves are needed. Internal connections between the elements keep leakage points to a minimum while adhering to explicit installation requirements giving ease of installation and a lower system envelope.


As the Authorized Distributors for Wandfluh AG Products in India, we work closely with our customers to give them the best solutions for Proportional and Explosion Proof Valves for their applications. With over 75 years of experience in Proportional Valve technology, Wandfluh AG is the market leader in this segment.

Cartridges for every system, systems for every application.

Product Range

Flow Divider Valves

Solenoid Poppet Valves

Sun Equivalent

Check & Pilot Check Valves

Flow Control Valves

Motor Mounted Valves

Directional Control Valves

Wandfluh Valves

Modular Control Valves

Ball Valves

Safety Blocks

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Accessories

A Few Words from Our Customers
Great products and superb service
- Mr. Veeramani S, Production and Warehouse Manager, Olaer India
A Few Words from Our Customers
We've always had a wow experience with Tucson Hydrocontrols. Mr. Dabholkar has hydraulic oil flowing in his veins rather than blood.
- Mr. Manjeet Singh, Head - Supply Chain, Escorts Construction Equipment Limited
A Few Words from Our Customers
Slew Cranes from Pearey Lal can only rely on Tucson Hydrocontrols' cartridge valves.
-Mr. Khalid Aziz, Vice President - Corporate, Pearey Lall And Sons [E.P] Ltd
A Few Words from Our Customers
We have wonderful experience working with our partner M/s. Tucson Hydrocontrols. In terms of technical support extended whenever required, their team is really gifted with hydraulic knowledge.
- Mr. Santosh Shetty, Managing Director, Canara Hydraulics
A Few Words from Our Customers
A good Customer-Supplier understanding is ensuring timely action from both sides.
- Mr. Pravin Chanda, JCB India Headquarters