Tucson has over 35 years of experience in design, research and development hydraulics and fluid power out of which 25 years have been dedicated solely to cartridge valve design. We are known world over for our contemporary and innovative manifold and cartridge designs that are not only functional but also aesthetic.

We design and develop cartridges for foreign companies as well who rely on us to come up with innovative solutions to help them expand their product range. A large portion of our product range has been designed from scratch exclusively by us for a wide range of mobile and industrial applications. These designs have been successfully implemented in companies all over India with a hugely positive feedback.

Our products are specifically designed to last longer and in harsher environments than our national and international competitors. This ensures that the replacement costs borne by our customers is cut down to the minimum. We revamp old designs to accommodate today’s technology so that the customers who have placed their trust in our tried and tested products will rarely be left dissatisfied.