• Max Flow

    : 25 lpm

  • Max Pressure

    : 350 bar

  • Cavity

    : ISO 7789–22–01–0–98

  • Leakage

    : See Chart

Proportional flow control valves are suitable for feed control systems, where the consumer flow has to be maintained constant with a changing load. The screw-in cartridge is suitable for installation in control blocs as well as in flangeand sandwich valves of the NG4 and NG6 ranges. Cavity tools are available for machining the cartridge cavities in steel and aluminium (for hire or for purchase). Please refer to the data sheets in Reg. 2.13 of our documentation.

The 2-way flow control valve with following pressure compensation (secondary controller) serves for maintaining the speed of a consumer constant independent of the load. The power controlled, proportional solenoid running in oil acts directly on the throttle spool, which opens the throttle segments in the cartridge body. Proportional to the current demand of the proportional solenoid, the throttle aperture changes, and with this the volume flow. In case of pressure fluctuations, the flow cross-section in the pressure compensation spool changes in such a manner, that the pressure difference in the measuring diaphragm is maintained constant. In case of a current-free solenoid, the throttle spool is held in closed position by a spring. For driving the valve, Wandfluh proportional amplifiers are available (see Register 1.13).

Direct operated, pressure compensated proportional flow control valve, as a screw-in cartridge with a thread M33x2 for cavity acc. to ISO7789. Four flow ranges are available. The volume flow is adjusted by a Wandfluh proportional solenoid (VDE standard 0580). The cartridge body is made of steel. A special surface treatment guarantees a good protection against corrosion and wear as well as very good lowfriction characteristics of the pressure compensating- and throttle spool. The solenoid coil is zinc-/nickel-coated