• Max Flow

    : 25 lpm

  • Max Pressure

    : 350 bar

  • Cavity

    : ISO 7789-22-02-0-98

  • Leakage

    : See Chart

The valve has its application in hydraulic systems, in which the pressure frequently has to be changed. The facility for electric remote controlling of the valve in conjunction with process control systems enables economic problem solutions with repeatable sequences. Installation of the screw-in cartridge in control blocks as well as in the Wanfluh sandwich plates (vertical stacked systems) and flange valves of the NG4-Mini and NG6 types. (Please note the separate data sheets in register 2.3). Cavity tools are available for machining the cavities in steel and aluminium (hire or purchase). Please refer to the data sheets in register 2.13.

The valve limits the pressure in port P (1) and reliefs the volume flow to tank port T (2). The back pressure in T influences the pressure in P (1). When the operating pressure set by the proportional solenoid is reached, the poppet spool opens and connects the protected line to the tank T (2). These pressure relief valves are built according to the differential spool principle and are therefore very sensitive adjustable over the whole pressure range and also suitable for systems with extremely low minimum pressures. Wandfluh proportional amplifiers are available to control the proportional pressure relief valve (register 1.13).

Direct operated proportional pressure relief valve as a screw-in cartridge with a thread M22x1,5 for cavity according to ISO 7789. Five standard pressure ranges are available: 20, 100, 200, 315 and 350 bar. Good flow performance thanks to the differential area principle.The guide of the tapered spool has a lower leakage rate. The adjustment takes place by means of a Wandfluh proportional solenoid (VDE-standard 0580). The cartridge body made of steel is zinc coated and therefore rust-protected. The solenoid coil is zinc-/ nickel-coated.