Fluid Power Symbol


  • Max Flow

    : See Datasheet

  • Max Pressure

    : 500 bar

  • Cavity

    : Not Applicable

  • Leakage

    : Less than 1 ml/min (15 dpm)

Line mounted Lockable Ball valves are used to manually open or close the flow into a hydraulic circuit. Additional features to lock the setting give it an advantage over the standard valves by allowing the user to foolproof and/or tamper-proof the setting.

Turning the handle clockwise or anti clockwise closes or opens the valve to flow respectively. The stop disk can be locked by means of a bolt or a padlock for fool-proofing.

The line mounted three part bodies come with standard pipe threading to allow easy installation in any hydraulic circuit. All steel construction ensures a reliable and trouble free life. Black POM (Polyoxymethylene) and MoS2 (Molybdenum Disulphide) seats give a smooth operating feel.