Fluid Power Symbol


  • Max Flow

    : 65 lpm

  • Max Pressure

    : 350 bar

  • Cavity

    : CVA22060

  • Leakage

    : Less than 35 millilitres/min

Pressure reducing valves are normally open valves that are used to maintain constant downstream pressure lower than the inlet pressure. They are ideal for use in two actuator systems or to protect low pressure actuators such as brake cylinders or clamping cylinders.

The valve being normally open, the oil from the Inlet Port (2) is connected to the pilot section by an orifice in the main spool. When the pressure rises, the pilot section opens to tank causing a pressure imbalance across the spool, pushing it back and throttling or closing the ring of radial holes at the Inlet to maintain constant pressure in the Regulated Port (1).

High capacity pilot operated design. Cartridge construction for ease of installation into customer's manifold. Match ground assembly assure a long and trouble free working life.