• Max Flow

    : 60 lpm

  • Max Pressure

    : 350 bar

  • Cavity

    : Not Applicable

  • Leakage

    : Less than 35 millilitres/min

In applications that involve the unreeling or winding of large diameter cables using hydraulic motors, cable reel valves come in handy to control the movement of the motor to lay the cable in a precise manner without slacking. They can be used on mining equipment, construction equipment or even marine equipment to lay float cables in water to curtail the spread of oil or other flammable or environmentally hazardous material.

During reeling, the insert type check valve prevents back flow of oil into the pump by providing a unidirectional flow of oil. If the cable were to snag during reeling, the pressure would rise in the system and the pump would unload via the reeling relief valve preventing development of excessive tension in the cable. During unwinding, the unreeling relief valve provides a steady resistance to the flow preventing the motor from acting as a pump and allowing the load to go uncontrolled.

The system is mounted on the frame work of the machine itself. The compact nature of the hydraulic system reduces the need for bulky valves and piping.